Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tattie Bogle Festival

I was down at my market stall in Broadford this weekend when I got talking to a chap about Tattie Bogles. If you have never heard of one before, they are probably not what you think they are.

The word Tattie is Scottish for potato and Bogle means ghost or ghoul. Confused? Originally the term was used to refer to a creature that would lurk in the fields and scare away humans, but it is now used to mean...
a Scarecrow!

This chap told me his lovely wife helped organized this Tattie Bogle festival last year when the Minginish area of Skye was taken over by them! Over 114 of them,  WOW!

At the moment they are working out funding for this year, fingers crossed this June we will see Tattie Bogles springing up everywhere.

 We have already started planning our entry! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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