Thursday, April 12, 2012

Welcome Booklets

Today feels like Xmas, birthday and Easter have all rolled into one... except without the excessive gluttony(so far).

 I wandered into the hostel this morning still in my PJ's looking for a cuppa tea to wake me up, when I found a parcel with my name on it!! Like a over excited 5 year old I ran up stairs grabbed Eva and proceeded (carefully) to rip open the parcel which revealed...

The welcome booklets Chris and I have been working! We can give one out to all our lovely guests on check-in, containing not only a map of Broadford and the Island with all our favourite sights on it but also all the info about the hostel. It had been very hard work getting it all in and making it pretty!

They look even better than I thought and hoped they would. *does happy dance* I am now working on a digital version for people with fancy phones and gadgets that can handle that sort of thing (but its a bit hard though since my phone can only just hand calls and txt).

A big thank you to Print24 for printing them!

See you soon!

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  1. Looking forward to see the booklet and enjoy the lovely possebilitys of Skye. Greetings, Marianne